Forging Excalibur - The Excalibur Round Table Immersive Experience
to Nov 10

Forging Excalibur - The Excalibur Round Table Immersive Experience

The 'Round Table Immersive Experience continues where my book
“Forging Excalibur - Rediscover Your Masculinity” left off.

This LIVE weekend Immersive is the Forging Excalibur premium experience where you actually learn how to embody and integrate what you've learned from the book, and apply the principles into your own life.

As men travel through life, almost all of us feel the fire in the form of adversity, struggle and pain over and over again and we encounter this as relationship breakdowns, business failure, job loss, emotional turmoil, self-confidence issues, depression, anxiety and maybe even suicidal thoughts.

You, like many men, may have even attempted to climb the treacherous Mount “Success” and lost your way risking everything you value on the journey towards a largely undefined objective. Or perhaps you’ve simply realized you’ve been living unconsciously and creating undesirable results and outcomes in many areas of your life!

If you can relate to any or perhaps all of the above, THIS is the experience you need.

“FORGING EXCALIBUR - The ‘Round Table Immersive Experience” is a 8 week journey toward your Quintessence - the absolute most perfect version of yourself you can possibly create.

It is a journey of deep inner self-discovery, culminating in 3-DAY Immerse Experience in the form of a LIVE in-person event, which will take place on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC surrounded by nature.

And when I say “immersive”, I mean IMMERSIVE.

Full accommodation is included as are the meals we will enjoy together, cooked and prepared by our on-site Chef.

We will:

- Engage in collaborative group work
- Learn how to embody the “Seven Standards of Men”
- Explore the principles of Masculinity
- Optimise your Mental Faculties
- Become the Master of your MIND
- and you will learn about yourself on levels you didn’t know existed.

The Experience begins on Wednesday 16th October in a secret Facebook group which is essentially the “pre-Forging” process.

I will show you how to light the forge and get that inner fire burning. This process will prime you for the Immersive weekend Forging Experience where we literally spend 48 hours together as I take you through deep processes, teachings, and integrative processes designed with the purposeful intention of bringing your core values to the surface so you can consciously create your life.

We then integrate the learnings in a 4-week ZOOM follow up program which will see you absolutely creating the Man whom you will carry through with you for life...

This will be an unforgettable and priceless experience and one which will transform you. You will leave this experience a different person, a better quality Man and one who is ready with practical tools which you can use to redesign your whole life, enrich relationships and create an experience of life that you could never have imagined.

This amazing opportunity is only available to 10 men who wish to become their best self and embody all the attributes, virtues and self awareness required to be the absolute creator of their experience of life.

Join me on this journey, and I will show you how to FORGE your very own EXCALIBUR.

You will leave the weekend a better, more embodied and empowered version of yourself and step back into life with a greater sense of Purpose, Direction, Clarity...

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