Most Men know they need to change. 

They know the results they are getting in life are not desirable and they wish for more…

They also know who they’re BEING isn’t working for them OR their families.

They’re also aware as they continue to avoid taking responsibility for how they feel, that their inner state is growing worse and less manageable by the day.

 The desperation, resentment and general dull ache within isn’t going away and is beginning to affect their relationships, career and their life in general. 

 When these feelings are combined with a lack of direction and purpose, a man can begin to feel deeper feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

 It is when he gets to this stage, depression can begin to rear its ugly head and if left even further, suicide becomes an option for some. 

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Michael Lauria
Your Ability to Access Limitless Possibilities

Most Men lack Clarity of Direction in Life.

And as such, we now seeing a widespread, what Dr Jordan B Peterson calls a “Crisis of Purpose” in which Men lack purpose and direction; two of the necessary attributes which creates healthy masculinity in Men.

Without Purpose and Direction, Men fumble and flail through life, jumping from one shiny object to another and never sticking with anything long enough to create something meaningful for themselves in life nor manifest any real contribution to their families, let alone society as a whole.

Women do not find this attractive, as some of the things which create desire and attraction in a woman FOR a man are:

  • A Sense of Purpose and Direction in Life

  • The Ability to be Decisive

  • Self Confidence and Self Assuredness

  • Leadership Qualities

  • Strength of Character & Resilience

Without these attributes in a Man, Women do not desire us, nor will they be attracted to us for long. This simply results is diminished levels of connection and ultimately, affects our confidence as a partner, father and as a MAN.

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Michael Lauria