The Razors Edge Money Mindset Mastermind

  • Do you feel like you’re treading water in life, most of the time?
  • Do you look at your life and say… there must be more?
  • Do you wish you had more money, a better career, a healthier relationship and to be able to provide for your family at a higher level?
  • Are you ready and committed to creating something different in your life than what you currently have and becoming the Man you always envisioned you would be?


The Razor’s Edge is a powerful program, and is the first step in your lifelong journey towards an increased level of Self Awareness which will ultimately result in:

* Job promotions and career progression
* Business growth
* Improved relationships
* Increasing your wealth
* Outstanding results in the workplace
* A deeper sense of self worth
* Overcoming fear
* Reduced or eliminated stress, anxiety and depression
* Increased your net worth and/or salary
* Increased confidence

plus so much more…


This program is delivered via weekly Zoom calls and supported by a secret Facebook group which allows you to share your learning experience with the other participants. There is also exclusive BONUS content which is available throughout the program to ensure your experience is all encompassing.

Our facilitator, Michael will guide you and the group as a whole through this life changing and powerful program, based on the book by Bob Proctor “You Were Born Rich” (which you receive a FREE PDF copy) ensuring you don’t miss the crucial principles that have the power to change your world.

Spreading out the content ensures you receive the full benefit of the activities, content and coaching.

Contact Michael for details of the next intake.

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