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Relationship Coaching

Relationships are not what they used to be. There was a time when relationships would be valued and nurtured. When there was a problem, the couple would work to resolve it together; they would talk, discuss, compromise and come up with solutions.

These days, relationships, like many other things in modern life have become disposable. I believe however, that this is because we live in a society of instant gratification, one where if we don’t get immediate results; we jump off after the next shiny object and then seek instant results there instead. We do this in relationships; apps like tinder and plenty of fish provide many options for us all where commitment is not necessary.

However, many of us DO wish to commit and share our life journey with a trusted and loved partner. But even with the best of intentions, we may not feel like we have the staying power to create something sustainable and long lasting with a partner. We get into relationships unconsciously, stay in them unconsciously and then leave unconsciously too. It’s a pattern and cycle that is damaging both to us and the people we leave behind.

This is where I come in.

I help couples create AND re-create relationships that are conscious, fulfilling, enriching and sustainable.

I have developed a method where I work WITH the couple but also with the Individuals within the relationship.

You see, a relationship is comprised of 2 individuals, each with different subconscious programming which created different values and beliefs. It is sometimes challenging for these individuals to combine their differences into one life where thoughts, feelings and actions are reasonably compatible to the point where they isn’t intense conflict at every turn.

Especially when we add into the mix a total blurring of gender roles and responsibilities within a heterosexual relationship, we find masculine and feminine energies between couples are totally unbalanced, which has a negative effect on attraction and desire within a relationships; as a result, I work with the individuals to create higher levels of self awareness within themselves, which translates into a healthy relationship with their partner, by balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves, we learn how to relate to our partner in much more empowered ways creating more attraction and desire.

As of January 2019, I have a 100% success rate. Every single couple I have worked with who has done the work individually and together have chosen to remain together.

Whilst, I understand many couples do not reach out for help until things are at the so called “breaking point”; I encourage you to seek help before this point. There is something very connective about a couple who already enjoy a loving relationship and want to ensure it stays that way and even create one which is almost indestructible.

Remember, it takes just as much time and energy an costs just as much to re-create an existing relationship as it does to end one.

I look forward to working with you both, get in Contact with me ♥

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