Michael Lauria StyleToxic Masculinity, 3rd wave Feminism, the #metoo movement, parental alienation, diminished rights as a father…..we hear these terms all the time, but what do they really mean for a man, a father, a husband and a son?
How is a man meant to BE within his own family and in our modern society? How far is “too far” when it comes to approaching a women at a bar or a cafe, or at work that you’d like to get to know better…..without being accused of something indecent? What is required of me to raise a healthy son and/or daughter?

These are some of the grass roots, down in the trenches questions, many men are unsure how to answer with any great level of confidence. They get up in the morning, through down an unhealthy breakfast, commute to a job they despise and go home to a family who they love but are too exhausted to engage with at a high level as he, himself is feeling inadequate and lacks the awareness required to operate at a high level for his partner (who may have lost confidence in him), and his children (who don’t respect him enough to listen to him). Has any of this struck a chord with you yet?

Mentoring is very much relationship based. It is slightly different to coaching.

Coaching is usually task and performance based; where there is usually about building and/or creating a set of definable skills and then being able to measure the results, where as Mentoring is about building capability by helping the client grow their self awareness by tapping into the persons innate ability to discover their own wisdom by encouraging them towards self-empowerment. The Mentor helps the mentee discover what is already within them, the innate wisdom we all carry, but are largely unaware of.

The mentor will be someone who has already walked the path and can guide you along yours. Because the Mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial, strong bonds are often formed which can sometimes transcend and outlast the lifetime of the mentoring relationship.

Mentoring is a much more empowering process for Men than coaching, has a transformational effect and is permanent if the “mentee” does the work, engages in the process and contributes to their own growth.

A Mentor MUST have walked the path you are on, so as a Man myself I have walked the path through adulthood, parenting, divorce, relationships, career progression, the process of re-invention of self and the journey towards increased self-awareness, which is always an ongoing journey.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help guide you towards the man you know you’re capable of being, drop me a line and we can initially chat to see if there is a resonance between us.